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Perspectives of International Tourism

The Assignment

Your Assignment:

Professional and academic articles are frequently used sources for research in understanding the current trends of tourism development. This assignment will help you learn how to access and analyze information that is available in the Kemp library. You are expected to discuss and critique the article/ research and demonstrate an understanding of the contents of selected article and its implication towards international tourism (sustainability, economic impact, cultural, political, environmental, etc.).

The following list of journals is suggested:

v  Journal of Leisure Research

v  Journal of Sustainable Tourism

v  Journal of Travel Research

v  Journal of Environmental Management & Tourism

v  Journal of Hospitality Management & Tourism

v  Journal of Rural and Community Development

v  Community Development Investment Review

v  Partners in Community and Economic Development

Article review should address the following:

1.      Main purpose of the article/ study.

2.      Type/ types of the research used. Mainly, quantitative or qualitative research. If it is quantitative research, indicate sample size, research design and methods, types of statistical analysis used, etc.
If its qualitative research, discuss how the authors theorized their discussion.

3.      Strengths and weaknesses of the article (e.g., method, findings, discussion, implications).

4.      The significant impact or implications of the article towards international tourism and related issues and how it would help and make connections with your term project.

Paper Format:

v  1-2 pages in length (exclude references).

v  Times New Roman, 12 front, double space.

v  Use of subheadings for sections of the paper.

v  Include proper article citation in APA format.

v  Attach a copy of the journal article with your paper.

v  Numbered pages.

Presentation Format:

v  Minimum 5 slides

v  Include your topic, introduction, methodology, results, and summary.

v  The summary may include its application in the real world and what 
have you learned from the article.