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Online Reference Sources

A guide to the variety of electronic reference resources available to the ESU community.

English Language

Archives Library Information Center: Language Resources
From the National Archives, this page includes links to English & foreign language dictionaries, thesauri, style manuals, and quotations.

Excelsior Online Writing Lab
The Excelsior OWL is designed to provide support for writers as they begin the process of writing for college and as they transition to writing outside of their introductory writing classes or programs. It offers a wide variety of interactive multimedia activities, quizzes, videos, interactive PDFs, and games – all designed to help writers understand important concepts about writing.

Green's Dictionary of Slang
Green’s Dictionary of Slang is the largest historical dictionary of English slang. It contains over 100,000 entries supported by over 400,000 citations from c. AD 1000 to the present day. The main focus of the dictionary is the coverage of over 500 years of slang from c. 1500 onwards.

Mendeley Citation Hub
This website provides a series of guides on ALA, MLA 8, and Harvard citation. The guides cover both in-text and reference list citations for a range of source types including books, articles, websites, and more.

The Dictionary is a unique, regularly updated, online-only reference that includes content and engagement features specifically designed for the digital user.

Middle English Dictionary
From the University of Michigan Library, this is the world's largest searchable database of Middle English lexicon and usage for the period 1100-1500. It serves as an invaluable resource for lexicographers, language scholars, and all scholars in medieval studies.

Purdue OWL
The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses this popular website that provides writing resources and instructional materials. Particularly useful are its citation and format style guides, as well as its guides to conducting research and using it in your writing. 

Texas A&M University Writing Center
The University Writing Center presents a collection of hundreds of guides to help students through the writing process from brainstorming to revision. Guides are arranged in categories such as academic writing, creative writing, professional writing, researching, citing and documenting, and presentations.