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Online Reference Sources

A guide to the variety of electronic reference resources available to the ESU community.


ClearQuran translation is clear, pure, and easy to understand. The meaning is highly accurate, the sentence structure is simple, the flow is smooth. The translation has no interpretations, no explanations, and no footnotes. It is purely a translation, from the Arabic language, to contemporary English.

Islamic Painted Page
This database of Islamic Arts of the Book covers examples of the painted page dating from about 700 to 1900 CE from all over the Islamic world. Persian painting and Ottoman painting are especially widely covered but Arab, Sultanate, Mughal and other sources are all included. The database includes illuminations, decorated Qur'an pages and book bindings as well as figurative paintings in manuscripts, albums and on single pages.

The Noble Qur'an
The Noble Qur'an provides full Arabic text and English translations, as well as audio files and a search function. provides the Arabic text of the Qur'an side-by-side with the English translation.