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Communication Sciences and Disorders

A useful guide for when you have to do research in the field of speech language pathology


This page offers several resources to help brush up on medical terminology (especially anatomy) and their root words, making it easier to retain the information. If you know cardio = heart it makes it easier to recognize cardiovascular, cardiomyopathy, etc. as being conditions related to the heart without knowing perhaps what they are.  If you also know the meanings of vascular and myopathy you're ahead of the game in knowing what's happening. 

These tabs explore the Latin and Greek roots of many medical terms, with an emphasis on anatomy in many cases. Terms are presented in many styles - lists, charts, textbook format, worksheets, etc.  


These videos help explain how to break down medical terms. 

JJ Medicine has several videos on medical terminology. Two are shared here. If you're interested in more please go to their YouTube Medical Terminology playlist. 

Call numbers you may want to check out in the library for books that would help you learn Latin and Medical terminology (all on the top floor):


  • 470: Latin language 


  • 610: Medicine and Health