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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan: How to Login and Tips

Interlibrary Loan: When to Use Which Service

What if we don't have it?

"But what about this article that doesn't have full text?"

"But what about this book that doesn't show up in the catalog?"

"But I wanted to read A Storm of Swords and you don't have it."

You're in luck. Welcome to the wonderful world of Interlibrary Loan. You know how libraries loan out their items to you? Well interlibrary loan is like that, except what happens is one library loans an item to another library (usually so that the second library can loan the item out to one of their patrons). Here at ESU Interlibrary loan (or ILL for short) comes in 2 forms, Illiad and EZ-Borrow.

You can log into either system HERE 

The Interlibrary Loan webpage will also answer commonly answered questions about the service.  The images above show how to login, which service is best to use for which type of material, and more!

Please note that we can only request items we do not already own.

You can also search Google Scholar for items - look for more detailed instructions on the Advanced Search Strategies tab on the left.