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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar and Why Should You Care?

Google Scholar is a special division of Google that searches for academic content. It is not as robust as Google, and as such it can be harder to search. However, if you are looking for a specific article it is a fantastic resource for finding out if you can access it through your library or if it's available for free.

Below are a few videos on how to use Google Scholar (you can skip the intros if you want) that will show you tips and tricks on how to best use Google Scholar. You can also check out this how to search Google infographic from mashable which isn't specific to Google Scholar, but will help you figure out how it works. 

Google Scholar Search

Did you know that you can use Google Scholar in addition to Primo to help search Kemp library materials? You just have to add us to your Google Scholar and our results will show up in your searches showing you what you have access to as an ESU community member!

  1. Go to Google Scholar 
  2. Make sure you're logged into your Google Account - you'll see your initials or your icon in the top right hand corner of the screen if you're logged in. 
  3. Click on Settings (either from the top of the Scholar home page, or from the drop-down on the right hand side of the results page).
  4. Choose Library Links.

  5. Type ‘East Stroudsburg University’ into the search box.

  6. Click the boxes next to “ESU” and "Kemp Library"

  7. Click Save.

  8. If you have other institutions you're affilitated with, or ResearchGate, you can add them too!

Getting to Google Scholar Settings:

screenshot of Google Scholar settings menu

The Library Link Screen: Search, Select and Save!

select all boxes for ESU library links in Google Scholar

What your search results will look like: 

Google Scholar search results with ESU library

Databases have more sophisticated search features than Google Scholar, but if you have a one or two word topic Google Scholar can be useful.  You can also try using the Advanced Search in Google Scholar (see the first video below). 

However, if you're having trouble finding something specific, i.e. a specific article, try Google Scholar. For example you want "Game of Thrones and Graffiti" and you don't see it in a database, search the title of the article in Google Scholar (here you'd search "Game of Thrones and Graffiti"). You may find it freely available OR discover it is available through the library, but in a database you didn't look at. 

If we don't have it and you can't access it on Google Scholar, you can always request it via interlibrary loan.

"If Google Scholar isn’t turning up what you need, try an open Google search with the article title in quotes, and type the added filter “filetype:pdf”. This scours the open web for papers hosted somewhere, by someone, in PDF format. Google Books provides limited preview access to many copyrighted books. Other alternate services include SemanticScholarMicrosoft AcademicDimensions, or GetTheResearch. Here too there are subject-specific portals like EconBiz or the Virtual Health Library, some of which offer multilingual search options." - Paragraph taken from A Wikipedia Librarian. 

The other services like Microsoft Academic mentioned above are also useful when looking for freely available journal article and research! Don't forget to cite everything you use in your paper/project/presentation/etc. 

Google Scholar Videos