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Philosophy and Religious Studies


On our Database page we've listed some databases that are particularly helpful for Philosophy majors - including the Religion and Philosophy Collection.  You'll notice that on top we have "best bet" databases for you - try these first.

We also have databases arranged by other subjects and categories you may want to check out:

On the other tabs in this box, you'll find additional resources to help you locate materials both in the physical library and online.

Kemp Library maintains subscriptions to a number of journals related to the study of philosophy. You can search for journals and journal articles through both the Primo Library Catalog and the A-Z Databases page. Below are direct links to some of the journals you might find especially useful for your research:

In addition to subscription journals, many high-quality open access journals in the field are freely available online. A goood sources for finding open access journals and articles is the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). You can also check out these highly rated open access journals from Scimago's Journal RankingsHere are direct links to a few of the open access journals you might find useful:

If you notice your results all have similar call numbers, browse the section to see if any of our other books might help you.  Below are the Philosophy and Religion numbers, they are all on the top floor.


100 - Philosophy

101 - Theory of Philosophy

140s - Philosophical Schools of Thought

170s - Ethics

180s - Ancient, Medieval and Eastern Philosophy

190s - Modern Western Philosophy (19th C. - now)

For more information on call numbers you can look at this LibGuide.

If you're having trouble locating an item, please refer to the Library Map LibGuide or ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Here are some potentially useful sites for your research.  Don't forget to evaluate them!

The American Philosophical Association's webpage. This specific link is to their teaching resources. 


E-Texts and Papers

Blogs and Podcasts

Discussion Lists (Listservs)

Popular Magazines


  • Philosophy Pages - a set of excellent, longstanding philosophy resources from Garth Kemerling
  • Phil Papers - A comprehensive directory with thousands of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers.  The site also accepts articles directly from users, who can provide links or upload copies.
  • Philosophy Resource Center is a sprawling, comprehensive website which offers a glossary of philosophical terms, a list of philosophical issues, and philosophical quotations. For students interested in visuals, this site includes a miniature “philosophy art gallery.”
  • Philosophy Since the Enlightenment includes descriptions of Romanticism, Analytic Philosophy, Existentialism, Poststructuralism and Moral Philosophy. This is a great resource for students looking for simple introductory texts.

Comparative Philosophy

  • China verses the West describes the methods and ethics of comparative philosophy. Included is a great bibliography for students looking for more resources on this topic.
  • Theory of Ontology discusses the study of the nature of existence by comparing African, Chinese, Indian, and Islamic philosophies. Each section of this site includes a brief introduction to these culture’s theories and then includes extensive bibliographies of more detailed texts.
  • Western Concepts of God includes a detailed historical overview of Western concepts of divinity as well as divine attributes of the Western god. This article is located on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Western Philosophy

  • Analytic Philosophy is a Powerpoint presentation from a professor at the University of San Diego which defines Analytic Philosophy, offers a Western Philosophy timeline and introductions to other subfields of philosophy, including perception questions, thought experiments and mind-body problems.
  • Contemporary Western Philosophy offers an online text copyright by Eiichi Shimomissé. It includes introductions to Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Berkeley, Hume and Kant.
  • Kant on the Web offers English translations of Kant’s texts as well as their German originals. Secondary texts on Kant are also available here, organized by type of resource. All are scholarly sources.
  • Philosophy Pages provides definitions and explanations of the key components of Ancient and Medieval, Early Modern, Recent Modern and Contemporary Philosophy. Text on this site is detailed and clear – a great introductory resource.
  • Studio Spinoziana is a compilation of data all relating to Baruch Spinoza, who lived from 1632-1677. This site also includes links to Spinoza’s 17th and 18th century contemporaries.
  • Value of Knowledge: Western Philosophy was developed by the Marxists’ Internet Archive, a volunteer non-profit public library. This site takes students through categories of western philosophy such as Greek philosophy, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and British, French and German philosophy. Each miniature article includes numerous links to biographical resources.

Eastern and Other Philosophies

  • Chinese E-text Archive includes links to texts from the Pre-Qin to Later Qing periods. Beware, some text is in Chinese.
  • Islamic Philosophy is an encyclopedia entry from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy which is broken down into sections on the early years of Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy in Spain and North Africa, Mystical Philosophy, and Islamic Philosophy.


Thank you to Episteme Links and for great link resources.